PE05.12LB HIV prevention research in trans and gender-diverse communities, what's missing — as told from those who hold the answersE-posterCommunity engagement in prevention research
PE05.13LB Community engagement for the Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) program: an analysis of key stakeholder roles to promote a sustainable program in ZambiaE-posterCommunity engagement in prevention research
PE06.01 Contraceptive uptake among adolescent girls and young women pre-screened for the MTN-034/ REACH study  E-posterContraception, pregnancy and HIV prevention (incl. PMTCT)
PE06.02 Low pregnancy incidence and high PrEP uptake among HIV-exposed women in urban KwaZulu-Natal, South AfricaE-posterContraception, pregnancy and HIV prevention (incl. PMTCT)
PE06.03 Median time to HIV testing and number of attempts to reach sexual contacts of HIV-positive index clients via assisted partner notification services in western KenyaE-posterContraception, pregnancy and HIV prevention (incl. PMTCT)
PE06.04 Biological differences modify the effects of hormonal and intrauterine contraceptives on genital inflammationE-posterContraception, pregnancy and HIV prevention (incl. PMTCT)
PE06.05 A randomized group antenatal care pilot showed increased partner communication and partner HIV testing during pregnancy in Malawi and TanzaniaE-posterContraception, pregnancy and HIV prevention (incl. PMTCT)
PE06.06 Covid-19 non-pharmacological public health response: Adapting virtual support to optimize peer (Thetha Nami) delivery of HIV prevention and care to adolescents and young adults in rural KwaZulu-NatalE-posterContraception, pregnancy and HIV prevention (incl. PMTCT)
PE06.07 Is long-acting reversible contraceptive method use associated with decreased HIV testing frequency in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and Lusaka, Zambia?E-posterContraception, pregnancy and HIV prevention (incl. PMTCT)
PE06.08 A functional performance and acceptability study of the Wondaleaf female condomE-posterContraception, pregnancy and HIV prevention (incl. PMTCT)
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