OA20.05 HIV-1 infection and the control of viral replication are associated with greater expression of interleukin-21 receptor on CD8+ T cellsOral Abstract SessionCellular immunity
OA21.01 Effect of navigation services to achieve viral suppression among men who have sex with men (MSM) and transwomen living with HIV who attend public HIV care services in Lima, PeruOral Abstract SessionImplementation science, including structural interventions, PrEP & VMMC
OA21.02 Methadone program participation and current ART use among people who inject drugs in KenyaOral Abstract SessionDiscovery and evaluation of biomedical agents
OA21.03 Using an HIV risk assessment tool to increase frequency of HIV testing in men who have sex with men in Beijing, China: an app-based randomized, controlled trialOral Abstract SessionClinical trial results
OA21.04 Peer-distributed HIV self-test kits to increase demand for HIV prevention and care services in rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: a three-armed cluster-randomised trial comparing social-networks versus direct deliveryOral Abstract SessionClinical trial results
OA21.05LB Partners support, disclosure and side effects: facilitators of high maternal PrEP adherence in Cape Town, South AfricaOral Abstract SessionImplementation science, including structural interventions, PrEP & VMMC
OA22.01 R5 tropic HIV-1 is preferentially translocated of across genital mucosa while X4 tropic HIV-1 is selectively sequestered in genital epithelial cells and activates type I IFN signalingOral Abstract SessionTransmission of HIV
OA22.02 Dynamics of mucosal immune responses elicited by systemic prime/boost vaccinationOral Abstract SessionNovel vaccine and other prevention approaches
OA22.03 Temporal and spatial characterization of SIV infection dynamics in rhesus macaque mucosal tissuesOral Abstract SessionMucosal immunity
OA22.04 Immune oscillatory nature through menstrual cycle regulation drives SHIV susceptibility from vaginal challengeOral Abstract SessionMicrobiome & STI: impact on prevention
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