OA07.04 I'm taking PrEP for myself and not for people: PrEP disclosures influence adherence journeys for adolescent girls and young women in South AfricaOral Abstract SessionBehavioural and social science research
OA07.05LB High initiation and persistence on pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in HIV-uninfected pregnant women in Cape Town, South AfricaOral Abstract SessionImplementation science, including structural interventions, PrEP & VMMC
OA08.01 Antibody isotype switching as a mechanism to counter HIV neutralization escapeOral Abstract SessionHumoral immunity
OA08.02 Vaccination induces maturation of diverse unmutated VRC01-class precursors to HIV-1 broadly neutralizing antibodies in an Ig-humanized mouse modelOral Abstract SessionBroadly neutralizing antibodies
OA08.03 Combinations of scFv of HIV bNAbs demonstrate high breadth and potency against a multiclade panel of virusesOral Abstract SessionBroadly neutralizing antibodies
OA08.04 Active tuberculosis co-infection enhances HIV-1 specific humoral immunityOral Abstract SessionHumoral immunity
OA08.05LB Development of a novel VRC01-class germline targeting immunogen derived from anti-idiotypic antibodiesOral Abstract SessionNovel vaccine and other prevention approaches
OA09.01 BCG.HTI2auxo.int priming vaccination enhances the HIV-1 specific T cell immune responses elicited by MVA.HTIOral Abstract SessionNovel vaccine and other prevention approaches
OA09.02 Anti-Env antibody-independent protection of repeated intrarectal low-dose SIVmac239 challenges in rhesus macaques by vaccination inducing Gag/Vif-specific CD8+ T but not CD4+ T cellsOral Abstract SessionMucosal immunity
OA09.03 Impact of HLA-II associated HIV-1 adaptations on vaccine-induced CD4 T-cell immune responsesOral Abstract SessionCellular immunity
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