OA02.04 HIV prevalence and incidence among FSWs participanting in a HIV vaccine preparedness study in Dar es Salaam,TanzaniaOral Abstract SessionEpidemiology of HIV
OA02.05LB Risk factors for HIV transmission in heterosexual men, men who have sex with men, and transgender women participating in the HVTN 702 'Uhambo' and HVTN 503/503-S 'Phambili' HIV vaccine trialsOral Abstract SessionTransmission of HIV
OA03.01 Safety and single-dose pharmacokinetics of VRC07-523LS administered via different routes and dosesOral Abstract SessionClinical trial results
OA03.02 Safety and PK of Potent Anti-HIV Monoclonal AB VRC07-523LS in HIV-exposed InfantsOral Abstract SessionBroadly neutralizing antibodies
OA03.03 Neutralization profiles of HIV-1 subtype C breakthrough viruses from the Southern African VRC01 AMP trial (HVTN 703/HPTN 081)Oral Abstract SessionBroadly neutralizing antibodies
OA03.04LB Analysis of genetic diversity and VRC01 pressure on HIV-1 breakthrough viruses from the AMP trial (HVTN 703/HPTN 081 and HVTN 704/085)Oral Abstract SessionBroadly neutralizing antibodies
OA03.05LB HIV-1 bnAb M4008_N1 targets a novel site of vulnerability at the V3 crownOral Abstract SessionBroadly neutralizing antibodies
OA04.01 User assessment of a microarray patch for HIV PrEP and as a multipurpose prevention technology for HIV and pregnancy prevention: perspectives from Uganda and South AfricaOral Abstract SessionBehavioural and social science research
OA04.02 High protection against vaginal SHIV infection in macaques by a biodegradable implant releasing tenofovir alafenamideOral Abstract SessionPreclinical studies for HIV prevention
OA04.03 Distribution of long-acting (LA) cabotegravir (CAB) in plasma, mucosal tissues, and associated fluids after a single ultrasound-guided intramuscular (IM) injection in healthy adult participantsOral Abstract SessionPharmacology/PK and PD studies
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