OA17.02 A synergistic model of engagement: the ECHO Global Community Advisory Group and HC-HIV Advocacy Working GroupOral Abstract SessionCommunity engagement in prevention research
OA12.04LB A VSV-based HIV-1 vaccine provides protection in macaques against low dose cross-clade SHIVenv_SF162_P3 challengeOral Abstract SessionNovel vaccine and other prevention approaches
OA13.03 Acceptability of telemedicine and HIV self-test among PrEP users during the COVID-19 pandemic in BrazilOral Abstract SessionImplementation science, including structural interventions, PrEP & VMMC
OA08.04 Active tuberculosis co-infection enhances HIV-1 specific humoral immunityOral Abstract SessionHumoral immunity
PE20.06 Acute sexual violence exposure dysregulates HIV associated cervical immune biomarkers in womenE-posterMucosal immunity
OA05.02 Acute SIV Induces BHLH gene variants prior to adaptive natural killer cell formationOral Abstract SessionInnate and trained immunity
PE16.10 Adherence to the event-driven PrEP regimen within the Amsterdam PrEP demonstration project: analysis based on online diary dataE-posterHumoral immunity
PE01.31 Adolescent girls and young women's (AGYW) PrEP-user journey during an implementation science study in South Africa and KenyaE-posterBehavioural and social science research
PE23.02 Adoption of WHO's HIV retesting policy for HIV-negative women during the breastfeeding period in 10 high HIV-burden African countriesE-posterPolicy and advocacy
PE21.04LB Advances in the use of a bacterially derived glycoside for inducing oligomannose-targeted neutralizing antibodies to HIV-1E-posterNovel vaccine and other prevention approaches
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