OA11.02 A multi-country investigation of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis preferences among young people at risk of HIV in sub-Saharan Africa Oral Abstract SessionHumoral immunity
OA18.01 Early Vaccine-Induced V1V2 Antibody Responses in Four Pox-Protein Public Private Partnership (P5) HIV Vaccine TrialsOral Abstract SessionHumoral immunity
PE15.03 Analysis of IgG1 and IgG3 humoral response against the membrane proximal external region of HIV-1 envelope glycoproteinE-posterHumoral immunity
PE15.04 Association of HIV vaccine construct and VISP/R in 70 HIV vaccine trialsE-posterHumoral immunity
PE15.05LB Improved HIV+ infant survival is correlated with high levels of passively-acquired ADCC activity in two breastfeeding cohortsE-posterHumoral immunity
PE15.06LB Fusion peptide priming reduces immune responses to the HIV-1 envelope trimer base and leads to enhanced broadly neutralizing antibody responsesE-posterHumoral immunity
PE16.06 The incremental cost of oral pre-exposure prophylaxis adherence monitoring and dose reminders for young womenE-posterHumoral immunity
PE16.07 Understanding the Characteristics of HIV Seroconverters and Circumstances around Seroconversion in Zimbabwe with PrEP Use.E-posterHumoral immunity
PE16.10 Adherence to the event-driven PrEP regimen within the Amsterdam PrEP demonstration project: analysis based on online diary dataE-posterHumoral immunity
PU15.03 An enveloped virus-like particle (VLP) platform with high-density antigen display induces a strong and functional humoral immune responsePublication OnlyHumoral immunity
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