PE19.07 HIV exposure alters the fecal microbiome in Nigerian infantsE-posterMicrobiome & STI: impact on prevention
PE19.08 Gardnerella subgroups exhibit divergent associations with cervicovaginal cytokines in a longitudinal cohort of Kenyan women: Implications for HIV susceptibilityE-posterMicrobiome & STI: impact on prevention
PE19.09LB Experimental microbial dysbiosis enhances rectal SIV acquisition in male rhesus macaquesE-posterMicrobiome & STI: impact on prevention
PE20.01 The Impact of Progestin-based Contraceptive Initiation on the Cervicovaginal Proteome in participants from the ECHO trialE-posterMicrobiome & STI: impact on prevention
PE20.02 The effect of HPV-associated anal dysplasia on HIV susceptibility in men who have sex with menE-posterMicrobiome & STI: impact on prevention
PE20.03 Mucosal responses to HIV-1 co-infection with an emerging pathogen, Zika virusE-posterMucosal immunity
PE20.04 The impact of TGF-β on the genital immune environment associated with HIV risk in young womenE-posterMucosal immunity
PE20.05 Impact of gender affirmation surgery and exogenous hormones on mucosal immune responses and risk of HIV transmission in transgender womenE-posterMucosal immunity
PE20.06 Acute sexual violence exposure dysregulates HIV associated cervical immune biomarkers in womenE-posterMucosal immunity
PE20.07 Effects of continued Progestin-based contraceptive usage in the adolescent genital tract: implications for HIV acquisitionE-posterMucosal immunity
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