PE02.10 Precursor frequencies of naïve B cells targeting HIV candidate immunogensE-posterBroadly neutralizing antibodies
PE02.11 Low dose administration of unmodified 10E8v4, but not FcγR/complement dual enhanced or dual ablated 10E8v4 variants, decreases viremia in SHIV challenged macaquesE-posterBroadly neutralizing antibodies
PE02.12 Functional convergence of clonally related but genetically distinct bNAbs that target the V3-glycan epitopeE-posterBroadly neutralizing antibodies
PE02.13 Enhanced protection at the site of challenge of rhesus macaques that receive PGT121 one week prior to intravaginal challenge with SHIV-SF162P3E-posterBroadly neutralizing antibodies
PE02.14LB Functional barriers in the elicitation of broadly neutralizing antibodies against the glycan-V3 site of Env by vaccinationE-posterBroadly neutralizing antibodies
PE02.15LB The near-pan-neutralizing, plasma deconvoluted antibody N49P6 mimics CD4 in its quaternary interactions with the HIV-1 envelope trimerE-posterBroadly neutralizing antibodies
PE02.16LB Improved potency, breadth, and pharmacokinetics of VRC01-class antibodies for HIV-1 prevention and treatmentE-posterBroadly neutralizing antibodies
PE02.17LB A lineage of exceptionally potent and broad BnAbs with ultralong CDRH3 from vaccinated cows focus low-mutation rate from germline into a globular knob contacting the CD4bsE-posterBroadly neutralizing antibodies
PE03.01 Breadth of CD8 T-cell mediated inhibition of HIV-1 replication correlates with breadth of epitope recognition mapped with a comprehensive Gag, Nef, Env and Pol potential T-cell Epitope (PTE) peptide setE-posterCellular immunity
PE03.03 Incidence, clinical spectrum, risk factors and outcome of immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (IRIS) among HIV patients on highly active anti-retroviral therapy (HAART) in the south west region of CameroonE-posterCellular immunity
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