PE03.04LB Infection with a highly Gag pre-adapted virus broadens the proteins targeted by CTLs during acute HIV infectionE-posterCellular immunity
PE04.01 Correlates of dapivirine vaginal ring uptake among women participating in an open label extension trial-MTN-025/HOPEE-posterClinical trial results
PE04.02 Tenofovir-only and tenofovir/levonorgestrel intravaginal rings are unlikely to impact the genital microbiota of sub-Saharan womenE-posterClinical trial results
PE04.03LB Phase 1 evaluation of the safety, acceptability, and pharmacokinetic profile of an OB-002H gelE-posterClinical trial results
PE04.04LB Can the offer of regular HIV self-testing kits reduce time to HIV diagnosis in MSM? Results from the SELPHI RCTE-posterClinical trial results
PE04.05LB Can a theory-based SMS intervention improve the health service utilization of female entertainment workers in Cambodia? Findings from the Mobile Link Randomized Controlled TrialE-posterClinical trial results
PE05.01 Recruiting adolescent girls and young women into the MTN-034 Study: lessons learnt from the Kampala and Johannesburg sitesE-posterCommunity engagement in prevention research
PE05.02 Involvement of Stakeholders in Planning and Implementing HIV Clinical Research Trials among Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women in Uganda.E-posterCommunity engagement in prevention research
PE05.03 Community implementation of a peer group intervention increases condom use at last sex in rural MalawiE-posterCommunity engagement in prevention research
PE05.04 Design of a care pathway for pharmacy-based PrEP delivery in Kenya: results from a collaborative stakeholder consultationE-posterCommunity engagement in prevention research
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