PE09.02 Bridging the insight to action gap: using HCD methods to design organizational tools for stakeholders in South Africa in order to improve effectiveness of AGYW prevention programsE-posterDemand creation, market research, human-centred design
PE09.03 Understanding HIV prevention from the perspective of adolescent girls and young women at high risk of HIV infectionE-posterDemand creation, market research, human-centred design
PE11.01 Rates of Undiagnosed HIV Infection Among Racial/Ethnic Subgroups in a Large Nationwide Cohort Study of Sexual Minority Men in the U.S.: Evidence for Reframing from Disparities to InequitiesE-posterEpidemiology of HIV
PE11.02 Switching from F/TDF to F/TAF for HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis: An Analysis of the Real-World DataE-posterDiscovery and evaluation of biomedical agents
PE11.03 Age-Disparate Sex Partnerships and HIV Infection among Adolescent Girls and Young Women in MalawiE-posterDiscovery and evaluation of biomedical agents
PE11.04 Time for change: fluctuations in sexual behavior and determinants associated with behavior change in men who have sex with menE-posterEpidemiology of HIV
PE11.05 Gaps in racial and ethnic diversity in phase III HIV clinical trialsE-posterEpidemiology of HIV
PE11.06 Variables predictive of HIV seroconversion among sub-Saharan African heterosexual women: a systematic reviewE-posterEpidemiology of HIV
PE11.07 HIV testing access outside a trial centre among vaccine recipients despite counselling on possible vaccine induced sero positivity (VISP): experience from a research centre in western UgandaE-posterEpidemiology of HIV
PE11.09 Sexual behavior associated with circumcision status among males aged 15-49 in Zambia and Eswatini: evidence of risk compensation?E-posterEpidemiology of HIV
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