PU26.01 Quality and turnaround times of PMTCT viral load monitoring under Option B+ in six South African districts with high antenatal HIV burdenPublication OnlyTesting: technology, coverage, viral load, point of care and CD4 count
PE25.01 What women want in a multipurpose vaginal ring: findings from a phase 1 trial in the U.S. and the Dominican RepublicE-posterProduct acceptability and adherence
PE25.02 Impact of women's home environment on use of the dapivirine ring for HIV prevention in MTN-025/HOPEE-posterProduct acceptability and adherence
PE25.03 Patterns of adherence among South African women in a phase III randomized controlled trial of a dapivirine vaginal ring for HIV-1 preventionE-posterProduct acceptability and adherence
PE25.05 Utilization patterns and HIV incidence within the first year of initiation of FTC/TDF for HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) among insured persons in the USE-posterProduct acceptability and adherence
PE25.06 PrEP adherence is associated with periods of HIV risk among adolescent girls and young women in South Africa and ZimbabweE-posterProduct acceptability and adherence
PE25.07 End-users' hypothetical acceptability of a biodegradable implant to prevent HIV and unplanned pregnancy: qualitative insights from South Africa and ZimbabweE-posterProduct acceptability and adherence
PE25.08 PrEP use in the HVTN 702 HIV vaccine efficacy trial conducted in South AfricaE-posterProduct acceptability and adherence
PE25.09 Predictors of PrEP discontinuation and refill delays among over 47,000 clients first starting PrEP in Kenya, Lesotho and Tanzania: Implications for programsE-posterProduct acceptability and adherence
PE25.10 'Men will never take a pill every day if they don't have to': assumptions and realities around acceptability of PrEP among heterosexual menE-posterProduct acceptability and adherence
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