PE15.03 Analysis of IgG1 and IgG3 humoral response against the membrane proximal external region of HIV-1 envelope glycoproteinE-posterHumoral immunity
PU14.02 Analysis of pre-ART MiSeq multiplexed longitudinal datasets demonstrated the env gene region as the most reliable for timing the entry of the virus into the reservoirPublication OnlyHIV sequencing insights including viral diversity and antiretroviral resistance
OA14.03 Analysis of the early responses to HIV-1 in matched treatment naïve individuals reveals early soluble proteins that are associated with in vivo virus controlOral Abstract SessionInnate and trained immunity
PE02.05 Antibody genetic diversity with large structural variation in a South African populationE-posterBroadly neutralizing antibodies
OA08.01 Antibody isotype switching as a mechanism to counter HIV neutralization escapeOral Abstract SessionHumoral immunity
PE02.03 Antibody-Antigen Distance of Broadly Neutralizing HIV-1 Antibodies Correlates with Glycan-Shield Coverage of HIV-1 Envelope TrimerE-posterBroadly neutralizing antibodies
PE08.05 Anti-CCR5 siRNA-loaded polymeric nanoparticles for topical pre-exposure prophylaxisE-posterDelivery technologies: novel approaches, formulation and multi-purpose
OA09.02 Anti-Env antibody-independent protection of repeated intrarectal low-dose SIVmac239 challenges in rhesus macaques by vaccination inducing Gag/Vif-specific CD8+ T but not CD4+ T cellsOral Abstract SessionMucosal immunity
PE08.09LB Anti-HPV and anti-HSV activity in rectal enema effluents collected from subjects receiving PC-1005: a dual compartment multipurpose prevention technology formulationE-posterDelivery technologies: novel approaches, formulation and multi-purpose
OA09.04 Applying insights from HIV to guide the development of a T-cell vaccine for SARS-CoV-2Oral Abstract SessionCOVID research: Applying lessons from HIV prevention to SARS CoV-2
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