PE25.11 Mapping HIV prevention product preferences among adolescent girls and young women at high risk of HIV: results from a discrete choice experiment in South AfricaE-posterProduct acceptability and adherence
PU25.02 Correlates of adherence to the dapivirine vaginal ring for HIV-1 preventionPublication OnlyProduct acceptability and adherence
PU25.03 Health care providers' preferences about an MPT implant: insights from South Africa and Zimbabwe on the Subcutaneous Contraceptive HIV Implant Engineered for Long-acting Delivery (SCHIELD) StudyPublication OnlyProduct acceptability and adherence
OA04.02 High protection against vaginal SHIV infection in macaques by a biodegradable implant releasing tenofovir alafenamideOral Abstract SessionPreclinical studies for HIV prevention
OA18.04 Heterologous prime boost immunisations with improved DNA, MVA and protein HIV-1 subtype C vaccines elicit Tier 2 neutralising antibodies in a Chinese rhesus monkey modelOral Abstract SessionPreclinical studies for HIV prevention
OA20.03 Immune perturbation is more profound in newborn than in infant macaques during acute SHIV infectionOral Abstract SessionPreclinical studies for HIV prevention
PE24.01 Efficacy of a vaginal ring containing the gp120 blocker DS003 in pigtailed macaquesE-posterPreclinical studies for HIV prevention
PE24.02 Transport and permeability properties of dapivirine: understanding potential drug-drug interactionsE-posterPreclinical studies for HIV prevention
PE24.04LB Dose response to tenofovir disoproxil fumarate and tenofovir released via intravaginal ring in the sheep vaginal safety and pharmacokinetics modelE-posterPreclinical studies for HIV prevention
PE24.05LB Induction of neutralization breadth and broadly neutralizing antibody lineage responses in HIV envelope BG505 SOSIP immunized infant macaquesE-posterPreclinical studies for HIV prevention
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