PE16.38LB Applying statistical control processes to characterize the variations in occurrence of adverse events in VMMC delivery in ZimbabweE-posterImplementation science, including structural interventions, PrEP & VMMC
PE01.38 Assessing longitudinal patterns of depressive symptoms and the influence of symptom trajectories on PrEP persistence among adolescent girls in HPTN 082E-posterBehavioural and social science research
PE16.04 Assessing the use of surveillance data to estimate reductions in HIV incidence achieved by combination HIV prevention programs: a mathematical modelling studyE-posterImplementation science, including structural interventions, PrEP & VMMC
PU21.03 Assessment of crosslinker suitability for fusion peptide conjugates as priming immunogens for an HIV-1 vaccinePublication OnlyNovel vaccine and other prevention approaches
PE27.01 Association between Basal Metabolic Index and vaccine-induced HIV-1 adaptive immunityE-posterTherapeutic vaccines, viral reservoirs and eradication/remission
PE01.33 Association between DREAMS invitation and attitudes towards gender norms amongst young women in urban and rural Kenya, measured using an adapted and validated version of the GEM ScaleE-posterBehavioural and social science research
PU11.01 Association between HIV infection and Diabetes Mellitus: a systematic review and meta-analysisPublication OnlyEpidemiology of HIV
PE15.04 Association of HIV vaccine construct and VISP/R in 70 HIV vaccine trialsE-posterHumoral immunity
PE01.12 Association of social support and HIV-related stigma on detectable viral load and condomless anal sex (CAS) among a diverse sample of HIV-positive MSM enrolled in an mHealth studyE-posterBehavioural and social science research
OA10.05 Associations of climate shocks, HIV, and HIV-related behaviors amongst women in Mozambique based on the 2015 Demographic Health Survey and Climate Hazards Group InfraRed Precipitation with Station DataOral Abstract SessionEpidemiology of HIV
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