PE01.36 Transgender women's experiences using a blood-based, combination HIV/syphilis at-home rapid test kit that delivers results in 60-seconds (INSTI Multiplex) for self- and partner-testingE-posterBehavioural and social science research
OA19.03 Transcriptional analysis of cervical cell populations reveals inflammatory signatures and differential epithelial keratinization associated with Depo-Provera useOral Abstract SessionMucosal immunity
OA20.04 Tissue-resident memory CD4+ T cells in ectocervical versus endocervical specimensOral Abstract SessionMucosal immunity
PE11.04 Time for change: fluctuations in sexual behavior and determinants associated with behavior change in men who have sex with menE-posterEpidemiology of HIV
OA17.03 The value of outside engagement-civil society led engagement in PopARTOral Abstract SessionCommunity engagement in prevention research
PE05.10LB The role of community clinical service assistance points in improving case finding and linkage for key populations in hard to reach areas of North East, NigeriaE-posterCommunity engagement in prevention research
PE02.15LB The near-pan-neutralizing, plasma deconvoluted antibody N49P6 mimics CD4 in its quaternary interactions with the HIV-1 envelope trimerE-posterBroadly neutralizing antibodies
PE27.02 The influence of HIV-1 subtype C LTR genotype on latency potentialE-posterTherapeutic vaccines, viral reservoirs and eradication/remission
PE16.06 The incremental cost of oral pre-exposure prophylaxis adherence monitoring and dose reminders for young womenE-posterHumoral immunity
PU19.01 The impact of vaginal Lactobacillus isolates on host gene expression involved in inflammation in the female genital tractPublication OnlyMicrobiome & STI: impact on prevention
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