PU23.03 Being a part of the conversation: capacitating youth to participate in HIV prevention conversations using a digital citizen engagement platform in South AfricaPublication OnlyPolicy and advocacy
PE06.04 Biological differences modify the effects of hormonal and intrauterine contraceptives on genital inflammationE-posterContraception, pregnancy and HIV prevention (incl. PMTCT)
PU24.01 Birth microbiota in HIV-exposed-uninfected infants cause changes in innate and adaptive immune compartments in a murine modelPublication OnlyPreclinical studies for HIV prevention
PE03.01 Breadth of CD8 T-cell mediated inhibition of HIV-1 replication correlates with breadth of epitope recognition mapped with a comprehensive Gag, Nef, Env and Pol potential T-cell Epitope (PTE) peptide setE-posterCellular immunity
PE09.02 Bridging the insight to action gap: using HCD methods to design organizational tools for stakeholders in South Africa in order to improve effectiveness of AGYW prevention programsE-posterDemand creation, market research, human-centred design
PE14.01 Broadly neutralizing plasma antibodies effective against diverse autologous circulating viruses in infants with multivariant HIV-1 infectionE-posterHIV sequencing insights including viral diversity and antiretroviral resistance
PU16.14 Building public-private partnerships for pharmacy-based PrEP delivery in Kenya: willingness to collaborate among PrEP and pharmacy providersPublication OnlyImplementation science, including structural interventions, PrEP & VMMC
PE16.24 Building targets from the ground up: how local performance data can help reach HIV prevention goalsE-posterImplementation science, including structural interventions, PrEP & VMMC
PE28.05 Calcitriol decreases HIV-1 transfer from monocyte-derived dendritic cells to CD4+ T lymphocytesE-posterTransmission of HIV
PE04.05LB Can a theory-based SMS intervention improve the health service utilization of female entertainment workers in Cambodia? Findings from the Mobile Link Randomized Controlled TrialE-posterClinical trial results
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