PE28.05 Calcitriol decreases HIV-1 transfer from monocyte-derived dendritic cells to CD4+ T lymphocytesE-posterTransmission of HIV
PE28.06 HIV gp120-V2 loop costimulation in presence of retinoic acid promotes HIV infection of CD4+ T cellsE-posterTransmission of HIV
PE28.07 Exploring HIV and STI prevalence, sexual practices and drug use among self-identified women who have sex with women in Blantyre, MalawiE-posterTransmission of HIV
PE28.08 The association of a4β7 expression with HIV acquisition and disease progression in people who inject drugs and men who have sex with menE-posterTransmission of HIV
PE28.09 Characterization of the kinetics of early cellular targets of infection after an intra-vaginal inoculation of simian immunodeficiency virus into rhesus macaquesE-posterTransmission of HIV
PE28.10LB The FCGR2C allele that associates with protection against HIV-1 acquisition in the Thai RV144 HIV-1 vaccine trial is associated with increased risk of perinatal HIV-1 acquisition in South African childrenE-posterTransmission of HIV
PE28.11LB Sexual behaviors and the HIV gender gap amongst young adults: implications for prevention strategiesE-posterTransmission of HIV
PE29.02 Viral Suppression and CD4 counts with transition to TDF/3TC/DTG (TLD)E-posterTransmission of HIV
PU28.02 Factors associated with knowledge of PEP and PrEP among female sex workers in 12 Brazilian citiesPublication OnlyTransmission of HIV
PU28.03 Partner age-disparity, sexual risk, and geographic mobility in rural Kenyan and Ugandan communitiesPublication OnlyTransmission of HIV
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