OA10.03 Advocates' perspectives on an efficacy trial of F/TAF as PrEP for womenOral Abstract SessionCommunity engagement in prevention research
PE11.03 Age-Disparate Sex Partnerships and HIV Infection among Adolescent Girls and Young Women in MalawiE-posterDiscovery and evaluation of biomedical agents
OA20.01 Alternative T cell effector functions are linked to humoral responses to HIV infectionOral Abstract SessionCellular immunity
OA18.03 Alum-adjuvanted protein administered in combination with ALVAC-HIV downregulates early serum cytokine responses to the vaccine whereas MF59 enhances the early cytokine burstOral Abstract SessionImplementation science, including structural interventions, PrEP & VMMC
OA10.04 Amplifying youth voices in HIV prevention: lessons learned from a community-based adolescent health project in Durham, NCOral Abstract SessionCommunity engagement in prevention research
PE28.01 An analysis of gender-based violence and HIV risk among adolescents and youth across 10 countriesE-posterTransmission of HIV
PU15.03 An enveloped virus-like particle (VLP) platform with high-density antigen display induces a strong and functional humoral immune responsePublication OnlyHumoral immunity
PU16.01 An integrated approach to customary male initiation practices improves access to male circumcision services in Eastern Cape, South AfricaPublication OnlyImplementation science, including structural interventions, PrEP & VMMC
PE07.06 An organotypic airway culture model for studying SARS-CoV-2 infectionE-posterCOVID research: Applying lessons from HIV prevention to SARS CoV-2
OA03.04LB Analysis of genetic diversity and VRC01 pressure on HIV-1 breakthrough viruses from the AMP trial (HVTN 703/HPTN 081 and HVTN 704/085)Oral Abstract SessionBroadly neutralizing antibodies
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