PE01.59 Using social maps to explore young women's experiences with social support of their oral PrEP use in Kenya and South AfricaE-posterBehavioural and social science research
PE01.60LB What do HIV clinic administrators think about PrEP implementation in Colombia? A qualitative CFIR guided studyE-posterBehavioural and social science research
PE01.61LB MRSI evaluation in the whole brain of HIV-1 clade C infected treatment naïve individualsE-posterBehavioural and social science research
PE01.62LB MyPrEP Decision Support Tool increases PrEP persistence in adolescent girls and young women attending an urban primary health care clinic in South AfricaE-posterBehavioural and social science research
PE01.63LB "…I am here going strong": HIV-positive adolescents' perspectives on the influence of Operation Triple Zero initiative on HIV adherence and viral load suppression in Kisumu, KenyaE-posterBehavioural and social science research
PE02.01 Structure of a CD4 binding site directed antibody in a donor with broadly neutralizing antibodiesE-posterBroadly neutralizing antibodies
PE02.03 Antibody-Antigen Distance of Broadly Neutralizing HIV-1 Antibodies Correlates with Glycan-Shield Coverage of HIV-1 Envelope TrimerE-posterBroadly neutralizing antibodies
PE02.04 Variation in neutralization susceptibility of HIV-1 Indian subtype C to potent and broadly neutralizing monoclonal antibodies (bnAbs) having distinct epitope specificitiesE-posterBroadly neutralizing antibodies
PE02.05 Antibody genetic diversity with large structural variation in a South African populationE-posterBroadly neutralizing antibodies
PE02.06 Founder Env-specific IgM B cell responses during acute HIV-1 infection associate with the development of broadly neutralizing antibodiesE-posterBroadly neutralizing antibodies
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