PU25.03 Health care providers' preferences about an MPT implant: insights from South Africa and Zimbabwe on the Subcutaneous Contraceptive HIV Implant Engineered for Long-acting Delivery (SCHIELD) StudyPublication OnlyProduct acceptability and adherence
PU26.01 Quality and turnaround times of PMTCT viral load monitoring under Option B+ in six South African districts with high antenatal HIV burdenPublication OnlyTesting: technology, coverage, viral load, point of care and CD4 count
PU28.01 Findings from an HIV risk behavior assessment among penal and probation population in Ukraine  Publication OnlyTherapeutic vaccines, viral reservoirs and eradication/remission
PU28.02 Factors associated with knowledge of PEP and PrEP among female sex workers in 12 Brazilian citiesPublication OnlyTransmission of HIV
PU28.03 Partner age-disparity, sexual risk, and geographic mobility in rural Kenyan and Ugandan communitiesPublication OnlyTransmission of HIV
PU29.01 Programming for female sex workers during COVID-19 pandemic: experiences from Bar Hostess Empowerment and Support Program, Nairobi KenyaPublication OnlyTreatment as prevention
HY01.01LB VRC01 antibody prevention of HIVOral Abstract SessionClinical trial results
HY01.02LB Long acting injectable cabotegravir is safe and effective in preventing HIV infection in cisgender women: interim results from HPTN 084Oral Abstract SessionClinical trial results
OA01.01 Evaluation of the kinetics of systemic distribution of IV injected monoclonal antibodies modified to alter host mediated Fc interaction in the rhesus macaque modelOral Abstract SessionBroadly neutralizing antibodies
OA01.02 Monoclonal antibodies with ultra-long CDRH3 derived from vaccinated cows show exceptional neutralisation potency and breadth that is retained after Fc engineeringOral Abstract SessionHumoral immunity
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