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Innate immune cells are the first responders to infections…but the effectiveness of B and T cell responses depend heavily on the signals they receive from the innate immune system. Which signals lead to successful responses, and how can we induce them specifically and locally? In this session, experts will unpack how innate immune cells respond to viral infections and vaccines, describe recent findings on how different innate immune cell types help antibodies eliminate infected cells and provide state-of-the art updates on the cellular components of the innate immune system that may be trained by vaccines.

SY01.01 Innate immune response signatures (adjuvants)
Behazine COMBADIERE, Cimi-Paris, France
SY01.02 Adjuvants and systems vaccinology approaches
Oanh NGUYEN, The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, Australia
SY01.03 How do vaccines modulate and train innate responses? Insights from NHP studies
Anne-Sophie BEIGNON, Vaccine Research Institute, France

SY01.04 NK cell responses and vaccines
Catherine BLISH, Stanford University Medical Center, United States

SY01.05 ADCC, ADCP: Bridging innate immunity and adaptive immunity
Amy CHUNG, The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, Australia

SY01.06 Live Q&A