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Understanding early events at the sites of infection are crucial to anticipating future immune responses. Tissue biopsy studies provide important insights into the behavior of cells recruited to infection sites…but important questions remain. This session examines the interplay between these cells and transmitted HIV-1 isolates and reviews current knowledge that can be leveraged to design new prevention strategies.

SY06.01 Identification of novel biomarkers that define T follicular regulatory cells in human lymph node tissues
Bongiwe MAHLOBO, Africa Health Research Institute, South Africa
SY06.02 Transmitted founder viruses: The sequences we're facing
Gladys MACHARIA, Imperial College, United Kingdom

SY06.03 Host restriction factors: Can they help us against HIV?
Michael MALIM, King's College London, United Kingdom

SY06.04 The microbiome and its impact on virus-host cell interactions
Gilda TACHEDJIAN, Burnet Institute, Australia

SY06.05 Host-HIV interplay in human primary blood dendritic cells
Philippe BENAROCH, Institut Curie, France
SY06.06 Live Q&A