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This session covers the state-of-the art in immunogen design aimed at inducing broadly neutralizing antibodies, with a focus on novel immunogens in preclinical development. Immunogen design will be discussed in the context of information on how HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein and antibody co-evolution shapes immune responses in different geographical settings. Structure-based immungen design and structure-based immune analytics will also be addressed.

SY04.01 How studying HIV infection can inform immunogen design
Penny MOORE, National Institute for Communicable Diseases, South Africa

SY04.02 Neutralizing antibodies against Indian HIV-1 strains as vaccine templates
Kalpana LUTHRA, All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, India

SY04.04 Immunogen design at the Duke CHAVD consortium
Rory HENDERSON, Duke Human Vaccine Institute, United States

SY04.05 Immunogen design at the Scripps CHAVD consortium (include neutralizing antibody consortium work)
Andrew WARD, The Scripps Research Institute, United States

SY04.06 Live Q&A