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As a result of several important discoveries and structure-based design efforts, the first prototype immunogens to induce neutralizing antibodies have entered phase I clinical trials in 2019 and 2020. This session will cover the design and early results of several of these first-in-human vaccine studies. The tested immunogens include stable native-like trimers and germline-targeting immunogens, and represent promising components of vaccine regimens that induce broadly neutralizing antibodies.

SY07.01 Germline-targeting of the CD4 bindings site by eOD-GT8
William SCHIEF, The Scripps Research Institute, United States
SY07.02 Fusion peptide epitope focused vaccines
Peter KWONG, Vaccine Research Center, United States

SY07.03 Immunogenicity of the prototype native-like trimer BG505 SOSIP.664
Gaudensia MUTUA, IAVI, Kenya
SY07.04 Native-like trimers based on consensus and mosaic envelope sequences
Katrina POLLOCK, Imperial College London, United Kingdom

SY07.05 Germline-targeting by native-like envelope trimers
Godelieve DE BREE, Amsterdam UMC, Netherlands

SY07.06 Live Q&A