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The current HIV vaccine portfolio is both ambitious and filled with challenges. This session examines the most recent advances in prophylactic and therapeutic vaccine strategies designed to promote neutralization-independent mechanisms and elicit T cell responses with the potential to eradicate the virus.

SY09.01 Ad26 mosaic vaccine development program
Daniel STIEH, Johnson & Johnson, Netherlands
SY09.03 CMV-vectored vaccines for HIV prevention
Louis PICKER, Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute, United States
SY09.04 Refocusing T cell responses with therapeutic vaccination strategies
Tom HANKE, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
SY09.05 Structural topology approaches to define T-cell epitopes
Gaurav GAIHA, Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard, United States
SY09.02 Mechanistic insights into prime-boost vaccination
Sandhya VASAN, US Military HIV Research Program, United States
SY09.06 Live Q&A