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To determine the efficacy of new, experimental HIV prevention interventions in the midst of declining incidence and an ever-expanding prevention landscape is complex and requires innovative trial design strategies. This session will explore emerging issues in next-generation trial design, and the role of diverse stakeholders in the development and implementation of trials. By the end of the session, participants will have growing consensus on key decision-points and priorities for next-generation trial design. In September 2019, global advocates came together to review the technical concepts underlying next-generation prevention trials and the decision-points where advocates can and should weigh in. This group – known as the Trial Design Academy – has since participated in consultations with product developers around the design of upcoming trials. The session will include an overview of emerging issues and advocacy priorities from members of the Academy. This will be followed by a session on planned trials with innovative trial designs, and a panel discussion featuring perspectives from advocates, regulators, ethicists, and researchers on how to ensure results are clinically meaningful and well-understood, and on decision-making to move new products forward.